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Beverley Nichols was born in Bristol England on 9 September 1898 to a professional family. He was educated at Marlborough and then Balliol College Oxford where he became President of the Oxford Union. His first book was published whilst still at college. He went to work as a journalist whilst continuing to write. He continued to write prolifically and often controversially, including an impressive foray into the genre of detective fiction with the highly regarded Moonflower. He passed away following a fall at the age of 85 in 1983
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Title Publisher Date Notes
Prelude Chatto 1920  
Patchwork Chatto 1921  
Self Chatto 1922  
Twenty-Five Cape 1926  
Crazy Pavements Cape 1927  
Are they the Same at Home Cape 1927  
The Star Spangled Manner Cape 1928  
Women and Children Last Cape 1931  
Oxford London Hollywood Cape 1931  
Evensong Cape 1932  
Down the Garden Path Cape 1932  
For Adults Only Cape 1932  
In the Next War I Shall be a Conscientious Objector Friends Peace Committee 1932  
Evensong French 1933 play
Failures Cape 1933  
Cry Havoc Cape 1933  
A Thatched Roof Cape 1933  
Puck at Brighton Brighton Corp 1933  
The Valet as Historian Forsyth 1934  
A Village in a Valley Cape 1934  
How Does Your Garden grow Unwin 1935 with 3 other authors
The Fool Hath Said Cape 1936  
No Place Like Home Cape 1936  
Mesmer Cape 1937  
News of England Cape 1938  
Revue Cape 1939  
Green Grows the City Cape 1939  
Men Do Not Weep Cape 1941  
Verdict on India Cape 1944  
The Tree that Sat Down Cape 1945  
The Stream that Stood Still Cape 1948  
All I Could Never Be Cape 1949  
Shadow of the vine Cape 1949  
Yours Sincerely Newnes 1949 with Monica Dickens
Uncle Samson Evans 1950  
The Mountain of Magic Cape 1950  
Merry Hall Cape 1951  
A Pilgrim's Progress Cape 1952  
The Queen's Coronation Day Pitkin 1953  
Laughter on the Stairs Cape 1953  
No Man's Street Hutchinson 1954  
The Moonflower Hutchinson 1955  
Beverley Nichols Cat Book Nelson 1955  
Sunlight on the Lawn Cape 1956  
Death to Slow Music Hutchinson 1956  
The Rich Die hard Hutchinson 1957  
The Sweet and the Twenties Weidenfeld 1958  
Murder by Request Hutchinson 1960  
Cats ABC Cape 1960  
Cats XYZ Cape 1961  
Garden open Today Cape 1963  
Forty Favourite Flowers Vista 1964  
Powers that be Cape 1966  
A Case of Human Bondage Secker 1966  
The art of Flower Arrangement Collins 1967  
Garden Open Tomorrow Heinemann 1968  
The Sun in My Eyes Heinemann 1969  
The Wickedest Witch in the World WH Allen 1971  
Father Figure Heinemann 1972  
Down the Kitchen Sink Allen 1974  
The Unforgiving Minute Allen 1978  
Twilight Bachman 1982  

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