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Bernard Cornwell was born in London on 23rd February 1944. After attending London University he went into television, working as a producer. In 1980 he married an American lady and moved to the USA. It was at this point Cornwell decided to try his hand a writing. The author has gone from strength to strength and for once the publicity blurb is justified, Britian's Storyteller.
The books are well researched and provide plenty of historical fact and background but not at the expense of what is always a riveting story. Speaking personally, the Warlord Chronicles or the Story of Arthur, is his finest hour. The trilogy is superb and we recommend them to anyone.
As one would expect Bernard Cornwell is an extremely collectable author. It is still possible to put a full set together though some of the early titles are now relatively expensive. In all cases, the UK editions precede the US and are considered more collectable, on both sides of the Atlantic.
The books under the name Susannah Kells are, in fact, a collaboration between the author and his wife.
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Title   Date Notes
Sharpe's Eagle Collins 1981 US: Viking 1981
Sharpe's Gold Collins 1981 US: Viking 1982
Sharpe's Company Collins 1982 US: Viking 1982
Sharpe's Sword Collins 1983 US: Viking 1983
Sharpe's Enemy Collins 1984 US: Viking 1984
Sharpe's Honour Collins 1985 US: Viking 1985
Sharpe's Regiment Collins 1986 US: Viking 1986
Sharpe's Siege Collins 1987 US: Viking 1987
Sharpe's Rifles Collins 1988 US: Viking 1988
Sharpe's Revenge Collins 1989 US: Viking 1989
Sharpe's Waterloo Collins 1990 US: Viking 1990
Sharpe's Devil Collins 1992 US: Viking 1992
Sharpe's Battle Collins 1995 US: Collins 1995
Sharpe's Tiger Collins 1997 US: Collins 1997
Sharpe's Triumph Collins 1998 US: Collins 1999
Sharpe's Fortress Collins 1999 US: Collins 2000
Sharpe's Skirmish Collins 1999 wraps
Sharpe's Trafalgar Collins 2000 US: Collins 2001
Sharpe's Prey Collins 2001 US: Collins 2002
Sharpe's Christmas SAS 2003 US: 2003
Sharpe's Havoc Collins 2003 US: Collins 2003
Sharpe's Escape Collins 2004 Signed ltd also done

Nathaniel Starbuck Chronicles

Title   Date Notes
Rebel Collins 1993 US: Collins 1993
Copperhead Collins 1994 US: Collins 1994
Battle Flag Collins 1995 US: Collins 1995
The Bloody Ground Collins 1996 US: Collins 1996

The Warlord Chronicles

King Arthur

Title   Date Notes
The Winter King Joseph 1995 US: St Martin's 1996
Enemy of God Joseph 1996 US: St Martin's 1997
Excalibur Joseph 1997 US: St Martin's 1998

The Grail Quest

Title   Date Notes
Harlequin Collins 2000 US: The Archer's Tale 2001
Vagabond Collins 2002 US: Collins 2002
Heretic Collins 2003 US: Collins 2003

Other Books

Title   Date Notes
Redcoat Joseph 1987 US: Viking 1987
Wildtrack Joseph 1988 US: Viking 1988
Sea Lord Joseph 1989 US: Killer's Wake 1989
Crackdown Joseph 1990 US: Collins 1990
Stormchild Joseph 1990 US: Collins 1991
Scoundrel Joseph 1992  
Stonehenge Collins 1999 US: Collins 2000
Gallows Thief Collins 2001 US: Collins 2002
The Last Kingdom Collins 2004 US: Collins 2005
The Pale Horseman Collins 2005  

as Susannah Kells

Title   Date Notes
A Crowning Mercy Collins 1983 US: Viking 1983
The Fallen Angels Collins 1984 US: St Martins 1984
Coat of Arms Collins 1986 US: as Aristocrats 1986

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