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Arthur Ransome, 1884 to 1967, is best remembered for his Swallows and Amazons series. They all involve adventures and sailing and are set largely in the Lake District, Cumbria. These books are now extremely collectable. First editions in original dust jackets especially sought after. They are by far the most expensive of the authors work, the early titles especially so. That said, and unusually, none of the books listed in this bibliography would generally be described as cheap, all are of collectable value. In all cases, the English editions precede their American counterparts and are of greater value and desirability among collectors. Collectors should check dust jackets for reviews and the chronology of other titles to ensure the jacket is first issue status.
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Swallows and Amazons

Title   Date Notes
Swallows and Amazons Cape 1930 US: 1931 Lippincott
Swallowdale ditto 1931 US: 1932 ditto
Peter Duck ditto 1932 US: 1933 ditto
Winter Holiday ditto 1933 US: 1934 Lippincott, ND
Coot Club ditto 1934 US: 1935 ditto
Pigeon Post Cape 1936 US: 1937 ditto
We Didn't Mean to Go to Sea ditto 1937 US: 1938 Macmillan
Secret water ditto 1939 US: 1940 Macmillan
The Big Six ditto 1940 US: 1941 ditto
Missee Lee ditto 1941 US: 1942 as above
The Picts and the Martyrs, or Not Welcome At All ditto 1943 US: 1943 ditto
Great Northern ditto 1947 US: 1948 Macmillan

Rest of Children's Books

Title   Date Notes
Pond and Stream Treherne 1906  
The Child's Book of the Seasons Treherne 1906  
The Things in Our Garden Ditto 1906  
Highways and Byways in Fairyland Pinafore 1906 Not dated
The Imp and the Elf and the Ogre Nisbet 1910  
The Hoofmarks of the Faun Secker 1911  
Old Peter's Russian Tales Jack 1916 US: [1938] Nelson
Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp Nisbet 1919 Not dated, 250 signed copies also. US: 1920 Brentano's

Other Books

Title   Date Notes
The Souls of the Streets Brown 1904  
The ABC of Physical Culture Drane 1904  
The Stone Lady Langham 1905  
Bohemia in London Chapman 1907 US: 1907 Dodd
A History of Storytelling Jack 1909  
Edgar Allan Poe Secker 1910 US: 1910 Mitchell
Oscar Wilde Secker 1912 US: 1913 Mitchell
Portraits and Speculation Macmillan 1913  
The Elixir of life Methuen 1915  
Six Weeks in Russia in 1919 Allen 1919 Wrappers
The Soldier and Death Wilson 1920 Wraps. US: 1922 Huebsch
The Crisis in Russia Unwin 1921 US: 1921 ditto
Racundra's First Cruise Allen 1923 US: 1923 as above
The Chinese Puzzle Unwin 1927 US: 1927 Mifflin
Rod and Line Cape 1929  
Mainly About Fishing Black 1959  

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