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Anthony Burgess, born John Burgess Wilson on 25th February 1917 in Manchester, England was influenced heavily in his youth by music and literature to which hi father introduced him. He began writing poems, book reviews and short stories whilst at college before becoming a teacher. He was conscripted into the army in 1940 where he served in the Medical Corps before his musical abilities took him to the entertainments section. He pursued an unsatisfactory career in education which eventually took him to Malaya. It was this backdrop that gave rise to his first novel and also his pen name, as an official at the colonial office it was unseemly to publish fiction under one's own name. The book became a trilogy and was dogged, a theme that was to continue, by libel actions due to similarities between his characters and people he knew. Burgess is of course best known for A Clockwork Orange, a hugely controversial work which lost it's entire last chapter in the US edition. The book spawned an even more controversial film that the director himself eventually banned in Britian. His later work whilst still solid did tail off in terms of quality by comparison. Time for a Tiger and Clockwork Orange are the most sought after books with later titles being relatively common.
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Time for a Tiger Heinemann 1956  
Enemy in the Blanket Heinemann 1958  
English Literature Longmans 1958 as John Burgess Wilson
Beds in the East Heinemann 1959  
The Right to an Answer Heinemann 1960  
The Doctor is Sick Heinemann 1960  
The Worm and the Ring Heinemann 1961  
Devil of a State Heinemann 1961  
One Hand Clapping Davies 1961 as Joseph Kell
A Clockwork Orange Heinemann 1962  
The Wanting Seed Heinemann 1962  
The Novel Today Longmans 1963 wraps
Honey for the Bears Heinemann 1963  
Inside Mr Enderby Heinemann 1963 as Joseph Kell
Language Made Plain EUP 1964  
Nothing Like the Sun Heinemann 1964  
The Eve of Saint Venus Sidgwick 1964  
A Vision in Battlements Sidgwick 1965  
Here Comes Everybody Fabern 1965  
Tremor of Intent Heinemann 1966  
Shorter Finnegan's Wake Faber 1966  
The Novel Now Faber 1967  
Enderby Outside Heinemann 1968  
Urgent Copy Cape 1968  
Shakespeare Cape 1970  
MF Cape 1971  
Joysprick Deutsch 1973  
Napoleon Symphony Cape 1974  
The Clockwork Testament Hart Davis 1974  
A Long Trip to Teatime Dempsey 1976  
Moses Dempsey 1976  
New York Time Life 1977  
Beard's Roman Women Hutchinson 1977  
Abba Abba Faber 1977  
Ernest Hemmingway Hudson 1978  
1985 Hutchinson 1978  
Land Where Ice Cream Grows Benn 1979  
Earthly Powers Hutchinson 1980  
Man of Nazareth Magnum 1980  
This Man and Music Hutchinson 1982  
The End of the World News Hutchinson 1982  
On Going to Bed Deutsch 1982  
Enderby's Dark Lady Hutchinson 1984  
Ninety-Nine Novels Busby 1984  
Flame into Being Heinemann 1985  
Homage to QWERT YUIOP Hutchinson 1985  
Oberon Old and New Hutchinson 1985  
The Kingdom of the Wicked Hutchinson 1985  
Carmen Hutchinson 1986  
Blooms of Dublin Hutchinson 1986  
The Pianoplayers Hutchinson 1986  
Little Wilson and the Big God Heinemann 1987  
A Clockwork Orange Hutchinson 1987 play with music
Any Old Iron Hutchinson 1989  
The Devil's Mode Hutchinson 1989  
You've Had Your Time Heinemann 1990  
Mozart and the Wolf Gang Hutchinson 1991  
A Mouthful of Air Hutchinson 1992  
A Dead Man in Deptford Hutchinson 1993  
Bryne Hutchinson 1995  

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