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Anthony Trollope, born 1815 to 1882, is best remembered for his Barchester books, though these are not necessarily his best. Whilst some of his work is arguably patchy in quality and his literary reputation is perhaps not what it was when he lived he still remains an important figure in literature. His first editions are extremely collectable with some running in four figure sums. As ever with this period, original cloth is the preferred choice, followed by contemporaneous leather, then recent or later bindings. For the serious collector who wishes to amass a full set of first editions the task must be all but impossible, some headway can certainly be gained but a considerable budget, and patience, would be required.
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Title   Date Notes
The Macdermots of Ballycloran Newby 1847 3 volumes
The Kellys and the O'Kellys Colburn 1848 Triple decker
La Vendee Ditto 1850 As above
The Warden Longman 1855 1st issue has ads dated September 1854
Barchester Towers Longman 1857 Three vols, 1st has red endpapers
The Three Clerks Bentley 1858 ditto
Doctor Thorne Chapman 1858 ditto,1st has 'mamma' P18. L15
The Bertrams Hall 1859 3 vols
Castle Richmond Ditto 1860 ditto. 1st has 16 pages of ads
Framley Parsonage Smith 1861 As above
Tales of All Countries Hall 1861  
Ditto Second Series Ditto 1863  
Orley Farm Hall 1862 2 vols. 1st issued in 20 parts, wraps
Rachael Ray Chapman 1863 2 volumes
The Small House at Allington Elder 1864 Ditto
Can You Forgive Her Chapman 1864 Two decker. 1st issued in 20 parts, wraps
Miss Mackenzie Ditto 1865 Ditto
The Belton Estate Ditto 1866 3 vols
Nina Balatka Blackwood 1867 Anonymous. 2 vols
Lotta Schmidt Strahan 1867  
The Last Chronicles of Barset Elder 1867 2 vols, 1st 32 parts, wraps
The Claverings Ditto 1867 Two volumes
Linda Tressel Blackwood 1868 Ditto
Phineas Finn The Irish Member Virtue 1869 Ditto
He Knew He Was Right Strahan 1869 2 vols, 1st 32 parts, wraps
The Vicar of Bullhampton Evans 1870 1st 11 parts in wrappers
The Struggles of Brown, Jones and Robinson Elder 1870  
Sir Harry Hotspur of Humblethwaite Hurst 1871  
Ralph the Heir Blackett 1871 3 vols, 1st 19 parts in wraps
The Golden Lion of Granpere Tinsley 1872  
The Eustace Diamonds Harpers 1872 Wraps. UK: 1873 Hall 3 vols
Phineas Redux Hall 1874 Two volumes
Lady Anna Ditto 1874 Ditto
Harry Heathcote of Gangoil Sampson 1874  
The Way We Live Now Chapman 1875 2 vols, 1st 20 parts wraps
The Prime Minister Ditto 1876 Four vols, 1st 8 parts
The American Senator Ditto 1877 Three volumes
Is He Popenjoy ? Ditto 1878 Ditto
An Eye for an Eye Ditto 1879 Two vols
John Caldigate Ditto 1879 3 vols, 1st gray cloth
Cousin Henry Ditto 1879 2 vols
The Duke's Children Ditto 1880 3 vols
Dr Wortle's School Ditto 1881 2 vols
Ayala's Angel Ditto 1881 3 vols
Kept in the Dark Chatto 1882 2 vols
Marion Fay Chapman 1882 Three volumes
The Fixed Period Blackwood 1882 2 volumes
Why Frau Frohmann Raised Her Prices Ibister 1882  
Mr Scarborough's Family Windus 1883 3 vols
The Landleaguers Windus 1883 3 vols
An Old Man's Love Blackwood 1884 2 vols
The Noble Jilt Constable 1923 500 copies

Non-Fiction / Others

Title   Date Notes
The West Indies and the Spanish main Chapman 1859  
North America Hall 1862 2 decker
Hunting Sketches Ditto 1865  
Travelling Sketches Ditto 1866  
Clergymen of the Church of England Ditto 1866  
An Editor's Tales Strahan 1870  
The Commentaries of Caesar Blackwood 1870  
South Africa Hall 1872 2 vols
Australia and New Zealand Hall 1873 2 volumes
How the Mastiffs Went to Iceland Virtue 1878  
Thackeray Macmillan 1879  
The Life of Cicero Chapman 1880 2 vols
Lord Palmerston Ibister 1882  
An Autobiography Blackwood 1883 2 vols. 1st smooth red cloth, NOT ribbed

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