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Angela Brazil, born 1868 to 1947, was a British born children's author. She was very popular in her day and remains a favourite amongst collectors today. Whilst none of the books would be regarded as hugely valuable, they are all of collectable interest and of value. As always condition and the presence of the original dust jacket make a huge difference to value.

One problem faced by collectors of this author, and others of the period, is identifying first editions. With most of the books not being dated and oft reprinted, sometimes using the same plates, they are something of a nightmare. With lovely decorated boards the reprints can be an attractive alternative for those less interested in 1st issue status.
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Title   Date Notes
A Terrible Tomboy Gay & Bird 1904  
The Fortunes of Philippa Blackie 1907 [1906]
The Third Class at Miss Kaye's Ditto 1909 [1908]
The Nicest Girl in the School Ditto 1910  
Bosom Friends A Seaside Story Nelson 1910 Not dated
The Manor House School Blackie 1911  
A Fourth Form Friendship Ditto 1912  
The New Girl at St Chad's Ditto 1912  
A Pair of Schoolgirls Ditto 1912 Not dated
The Mischievous Brownie Patterson 1913 A play, ND
The Fairy Gifts Patterson 1913 A play, ND
The Enchanted Fiddle Patterson 1913 A play, ND
The Wishing Princess Patterson 1913 A play, ND
The Leader of the Lower School Blackie 1914 Not dated
The Youngest Girl in the Fifth Ditto 1914 ND
The Girls of St Cyprian's Ditto 1914 ND
The School By the Sea Ditto 1914 ND
The Jolliest Term o Record Ditto 1915 ND
For the Sake of the School Ditto 1915 ND
The Luckiest Girl in the School Ditto 1916 ND
The Slap Bang Boys TC&EG Jack 1917 ND
The Madcap of the School Blackie 1918 ND
A Patriotic Schoolgirl Ditto 1918 ND
For the School Colours Ditto 1918 ND
A Harum-Scarum Schoolgirl Ditto 1919 ND
The Head Girl at the Gables Ditto 1919 ND
Two Little Scamps and a Puppy Nelson 1919 ND
A Gift from the Sea Nelson 1920 ND
A Popular Schoolgirl Blackie 1920 ND
The Princess of the School Ditto 1920 ND
A Fortunate Term Ditto 1921 ND
Loyal to the School Ditto 1921 ND
Moniteress Merle Ditto 1922 ND
The School in the South Ditto 1922 ND
The Khaki Boys & Other Stories Nelson 1923 ND
Schoolgirl Kitty Blackie 1923 ND
Captain Peggie Ditto 1924 ND
My Own Schooldays Ditto 1925 Autobiography, ND
Joan's Best Chum Ditto 1926 ND
Queen of the Dormitory Cassell 1926 ND
Ruth of St Ronan's Blackie 1927 ND
At School with Rachel Ditto 1928 ND
St Catherine's College Ditto 1929 ND
The Little Green School Ditto 1931 ND
Nesta's New School Ditto 1932 ND
Jean's Golden term Ditto 1934 ND
The School at the Turrets Ditto 1935 ND
An Exciting Term Ditto 1936 ND
Jill's Jolliest School Ditto 1937  
The School on the Cliff Ditto 1938 ND
The School on the Moor Ditto 1939 ND
The New School at Scawdale Ditto 1940 ND
Five Jolly Schoolgirls Ditto 1941 ND
The Mystery of the Moated Grange Ditto 1942 ND
The Secret of the Border Castle Ditto 1943 ND
The School in the Forest Ditto 1944 ND
Three Terms at Uplands Ditto 1945 ND
The School on the Loch Ditto 1946 ND

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