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Algernon Blackwood, 1869 to 1951, was one of the greatest, and most influential, of all the twentieth century writers of supernatural fiction. His work remains as important today as when it was published. Needless to say this fame and notoriety makes his work very collectable. None of the 1st editions could be regarded as cheap, most would be expensive. Anyone wishing to collect the true 1st editions will require a considerable budget to even begin. The books, whilst rightly regarded as rare, do appear for sale, the big tickets ensure to come out of hiding. UK editions are regarded as more desirable and consequently of greater value. There are quite a number of later reissues, many have alternative titles, being reprints we have not included them in this bibliography.
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Title   Date Notes
Jimbo Macmillan 1909 US: 1909 Macmillan
The Education of Uncle Paul As Above 1909 US: 1910 Holt
The Human Chord As Above 1910 US: 1911 Macmillan
The Centaur As Above 1911 US: 1912 ditto
A Prisoner in Fairyland As Above 1913 US: 1913 ditto
The Extra Day As Above 1915 US: 1915 ditto
Julius Levallon Cassell 1916 US: 1916 Dutton
The Wave Macmillan 1916 US: 1916 ditto
The Promise of Air As Above 1918 US: 1918 ditto
The Garden of Survival As Above 1918 US: 1918 ditto
The Bright Messenger Cassell 1921 US: 1922 ditto
Dudley and Gilderoy Benn 1929 US: 1929 ditto
The Fruit Stoner Grayson 1934 US: 1935 Dutton

Short Stories

Title   Date Notes
The Empty House Nash 1906 US: 1915 Vaughan
The Listener As Above 1907 US: 1914 Gomme
John Silence Physician Extraordinary As Above 1908 US: 1909 Luce
The Lost Valley As Above 1910 US: 1914 Vaughan
Pan's Garden Macmillan 1912 US: 1912 Macmillan
Ten Minute Stories Murray 1914 US: 1914 Dutton
Incredible Adventures Macmillan 1914 US: 1914 Macmillan
Day and Night Cassell 1917 US: 1917 Dutton
The Wolves of God As Above 1921 US: 1921 ditto
Tongues of Fire Jenkins 1924 US: 1925 ditto
Full Circle Elkin 1929 Signed limited
Shocks Grayson 1935 US: 1936 Dutton
The Doll and the Other One Arkham 1946  

Children's Books

Title   Date Notes
Sambo and Snitch Blackwell 1927 US: 1927 Appleton
Mr Cupboard As Above 1928  
By Underground As Above 1930  
The Parrot and the Cat As Above 1931  
The Italian Conjurer As Above 1932  
Maria in the Rain As Above 1933  
Sergeant Poppet and the Policeman James As Above 1934  
The Fruit Stoners As Above 1935  
How the Circus Came to Tea As Above 1936  


Title   Date Notes
Karma Macmillan 1918 US: 1918 Dutton
Episodes Before Thirty Cassell 1923 US: 1924 Dutton
Through the Crack French 1925 Wrappers

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