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Alexandre Dumas, born 24 July 1802, was a very prolific author who remains best known for The Three Musketeers and The Count of Monte-Cristo. Both of this titles have been kept in the mind of subsequent generations by various film adaptations. The bibliography is , to be frank, somewhat of a nightmare. Many of the titles were reprinted shortly after the first edition on different publishers, many of the books are undated etc etc. If you have a title not on this list it is likely that it is a re-titled later edition. Obviously his best known works in 1st issue state are big ticket items and whilst not unobtainable are generally regarded as rare. ( alexander )
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Title   Date Notes
Pascal Bruno Henry Colburn 1837 Anonymous. Edit Theodore Hook
Pauline HG Clarke 1844  
Margaret of Navarre George Peirce 1845 Not dated 2 volumes
George Parlour 1846 Issue number 13
The Three Musketeers Bruce & Wyld 1846 Volumes 3 and 4
Twenty Years After Ditto 1846 As above
Isabel of Bavaria As above 1846 Volume 9
The Count of Monte-Cristo Chapman Hall 1846 Two volumes
Marie Antoinette Peirce 1846 Not dated
Memoirs of a Physician Peirce 1847 3 volumes, vol 3 1848
The Conspirators As above 1847 Undated
Ascanio CH Clarke 1847 Undated
The Wedding Gown Peirce 1847 Ditto
Captain Paul the Pirate As above 1848  
The Forty-Five Guardsman Appleyard 1848  
The Bast**d of Maylen As above 1849  
The Galley Slave Peirce 1849 Undated
Isaak Lakadam Vizetelly 1853 ND
Memoirs of a Maitre D'Armes Longmans 1853 ND
Rosa Hodgson 1854  
The Queen's Necklace As above 1855 Undated
The Two Dianas As above 1857 ND
Chicot the Jjester As above 1857 ND
Nanon As above 1857 ND
The Vicomte de Bragelonne Routledge 1858 2 volumes
The Regent's Daughter Hodgson 1858 Undated
Taking the Bastille As above 1859 ND, two volumes
Charles the Bold As above 1860  
Ingenue As above 1860  
Doctor Basilius Routledge 1860 Paperback
The Watchmaker Henry Lea 1860 Undated
Otho the Archer As above 1860 Ditto
The Countess of Charny As above 1860 ND
The Russian Gipsy As above 1860 ND
Beau Tancrede As above 1860 ND
Roland de Montrevele Ward Lock 1860  
The Twin Captains CH Clarke 1861 ND
The Page of the Duke of Savoy As above 1861 ND
Catherine Blum Routledge 1861 ND
The Spectre Mother CH Clarke 1864 ND
The Mohicans of Paris Routledge 1875 ND
The Corsican Brothers As above 1880  
The First Republic Sampson Low 1894 Two volumes
The Last Vendee As above 1894 Ditto
Olympe de Cleves Dent 1894 Ditto
Black the Story of a Dog As above 1895  
Tales of the Causcasus As above 1895  
Chauvelin's Will As above 1897  
The Brigand and Blanche de Beaulieu As above 1897  
The Horoscope As above 1897  
Robin Hood Methuen 1903 Two volumes, undated
Amaury As above 1903 Paperback, ND
Crop Eared Jacquet As above 1903 Ditto
The Wolf Leader As above 1903 Ditto
Fernande As above 1904 As above
Acte As above 1904 Ditto
The Reminiscences of Antony As above 1905 Ditto
The King's Favourite As above 1905 Ditto
Conscience As above 1905 Ditto
Pere La Ruine As above 1905 Ditto
The Bird of Fate As above 1906 Ditto
The Wild Duck Shooter As above 1906 Ditto
Maitre Adam As above 1906 Undated paperback
The Mouth of Hell As above 1906 Ditto
Tales of the Supernatural As above 1907 ND, wraps
Tales of Strange Adventure As above 1907 Ditto
Tales of Terror As above 1909 Ditto
God's Will As above 1909 Ditto, 2 volumes
The Prussian Terror Stanley Paul 1915  
Nelson Romances As above 1916 Two volumes

Children's Books

Title   Date Notes
Good Lady Bertha's Honey Broth Chapman Hall 1846 Illus by Bertall
The Story of a Nutcracker   1846 Ditto
Captain Pamphile Longmans 1892  
Lyderic Count of Flanders Gowans 1903 Softcover
La Jeunesse de Pierrot Blackie 1906  
The Dumas Fairy Tale Book Warne 1924 illus Harry Rountree


Title   Date Notes
Travelling Sketches in Egypt and Sinai Parker 1839  
Glacier Land Simms 1848  
Pictures of Travel Ingram 1857 Not dated
The Speronara Dent 1902  
Travels in Switzerland Owen 1958  
From Paris to Cadiz Ditto 1958  
Tangier to Tunis Ditto 1959  
Adventures in Czarist Russia Ditto 1960  
Adventures in the Causcasus Ditto 1962  


Title   Date Notes
The Garibaldians in Sicily Routledge 1861  
Napoleon Putnam 1894  
Celebrated .... Russian Court Harper 1906  
The Last King Stanley Paul 1915 Two volumes
A Life's Ambition Ditto 1924  
The Journal of Madame Giovanni Hammond 1944  
A Gil Blas in California Ditto 1947  

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