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Title   Date Notes
Saturday Night and Sunday Morning Allen 1958 US: 1958 Knopf
The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner Ditto 1959 US: 1959 as above
The General Allen 1960 US: 1960 Knopf
Key to the Door Macmillan 1961 US: 1961 Knopf
The Ragman's Daughter Allen 1963 US: 1963 as above
The Death of William Posters Macmillan 1965 US: 1965 Knopf
A Tree on Fire Ditto 1967 US: 1967 Knopf
Guzman Go Home Ditto 1968 US: 1968 Doubleday
A Start in Life Allen 1970 US: 1971 Scribners
Travels in Nihilon Ditto 1971 US: 1972 Scribners
Raw Material Ditto 1972 US: 1973 Scribners
Men, Women, and Children Ditto 1973 US: 1974 ditto
Flame of Life Ditto 1974  
The Widower's Son Ditto 1976 US: 1977 Harper
The Storyteller Allen 1979 US: 1980 Schuster
The Second Chance Cape 1981 US: 1981 Simon
Her Victory Granada 1982 US: 1982 Watts
The Lost Flying Boat Granada 1983 US: 1983 Brown
Down from the Hill Granada 1984  
Life Goes On Granada 1985  
Out of the Whirlpool Hutchinson 1987 US: 1988 Harper
The Far Side of the Street Allen 1988  
The Open Door Grafton 1989  
Last Loves Grafton 1990  
Leonard's War-A Love Story Collins 1991  
Snowstop Collins 1993  
Collected Stories Flamingo 1995  
Ron Delph and His Fight with King Arthur Clarion 1996 Also sgn ltd
Alligator Playground Flamingo 1997  
The Broken Chariot Flamingo 1998  
Birthday Flamingo 2001  

Alan Sillitoe - Miscellaneous

Title   Date Notes
Chopin's Winter In Majorca Allcover 1955 Translation
Without Beer or Bread Outpost 1957 Softcover
The Rats and Other .. Allen 1960  
A Falling out of Love Ditto 1964  
The Road to Volgograd Ditto 1964 US: 1964 Knopf
The City Adventures of Marmalade Jim Macmillan 1967 PBO
Love in the Environs of Voronezh Macmillan 1968 US: 1968 Doubleday
All Citizens are Soldiers Ditto 1969 US: 1969 Dufour
Poems Rainbow 1971 Signed limited
Shaman and Other Turret 1973 500 sgn copies
Barbarians and Other Ditto 1973 500 sgn copies
From Canto Two of The Rats Private 1973 Wraps
Storm Allen 1974  
Mountains and Caverns Ditto 1975  
Big John and the Stars Robson 1977 PBO
The Incredible Fencing Fleas Ditto 1978  
Three Plays Allen 1978  
Snow on the North Side of Lucifer Sceptre 1979 Later 1979 Allen
More Lucifer Booth 1980 PBO
Marmalade Jim at the Farm Robson 1982 PBO
The Saxon Shore Way Hutchinson 1983  
Marmalade Jim and the Fox Robson 1984 PBO
Sun Before Departure Granada 1984  
Tides and Stone Walls Grafton 1986  
Alan Sillitoe's Nottinghamshire Ditto 1987  
Every Day of the Week Allen 1987  
Three Po**s Worlds 1988  
Shylock The Writer Turret 1991  
The Mentality of the Picaresque Hero Turret 1993  
Life Without Armour Collins 1995 Autobiography
Leading the Blind Picador 1995 US: 1995 Macmillan

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Alan Sillitoe, born 1928, is a novelist and poet who is best known for his first novel. The first editions in this bibliography were all released first in Britain. The vast majority of these titles are reasonably priced, at the time of writing, even the most valuable books are within reach.
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